SBI Route 121 was Peoria to Decatur, then to the IN line, near Chrisman.

  • The section from Decatur to the IN line was changed in the late 1920's to US-36. In 1937 the old IL-131 (Mattoon to Greenup) and old IL-132 (Decatur to Mattoon) was changed to IL-121, extending IL-121 south to Greenup.
  • In 1993 the final section of the current I-155 from Lincoln to Morton was completed, and IL-121 was pulled back to Lincoln.
  • In Decatur, Main and Water Streets thru downtown had been numbered Business-IL-121 (as well as Business-IL-48). It was changed to Business-US-51 about 1980 and Business-IL-121 was dropped.

IL-121 now runs from Lincoln to Greenup thru Logan, Macon, Moultrie, Coles, and Cumberland Counties.

Business-IL-121 ran on Main and Water Streets thru downtown Decatur (as well as Business-IL-48). It was changed to Business-US-51 about 1980 and Business IL-121 was dropped.

SBI Route 122 was Bloomington to Havana via

  • IL-9 (Bloomington to IL-122),
  • IL-122 (IL-9 to IL-29),
  • IL-29 (IL-122 to US-136),
  • and US-136 (IL-29 to Havana).

By 1937 the current limits were obtained. IL-122 runs currently from IL-29 east to IL-9 thru Tazewell and McLean Counties.

SBI Route 123 was Alexander to IL-29 north of Athens. It remained unchanged until 1999 when it was pulled off south of Ashland. It now runs from east of Ashland on IL-125 north and east to IL-29 north of Athens in Menard and Sangamon Counties.

In October 2003, IL-123 was extended east from Athens to Williamsville, ending at Old US-66. Part of this extension replaced IL-124.


SBI Route 124 was on the current IL-29 from near Athens to Springfield. In 1940 it was changed to IL-29, and the former IL-24 from near Athens to Springfield was changed to IL-124. This IL-124 currently runs only in Sangamon County.

In October 2003 IL-123 was extended from Athens to Williamsville replacing IL-124's E-W leg east of Athens.


US-124 was one of the original 1928 US routes in IL (since US routes didn;t appear on IL maps until then). It originally went from Peoria to Galesburg, along with the then IL-8, via Farmington and Maquon on the route of the current IL-116 west from Peoria to IL-97, north to IL-8, west to IL-97, then NW on IL-97 to Galesburg, with the last few miles on the current US-150.

In 1934 US-124 was rerouted west on the current IL-116 to near Biggsville, where it remained until 1937. In 1938 this was changed to IL-116 as an extension of that route.

SBI Route 125 was Springfield to Virginia. In 1968 IL-125 was extended west to Beardstown replacing US-67 (parts had been IL-3 at one time as well). In 1969 the eastern end was shortened to Farmingdale and the second number of IL-97 remained east of there. IL-125 currently runs Beardstown to Farmingdale thru Cass and Sangamon Counties.
SBI Route 126 was Springfield to Litchfield, which became US-66, then I-55. By 1935 IL-126 was used from Yorkville to what is now Bolingbrook.

SBI Route 127 was Raymond to Carlyle.

  • In 1937 it was extended to Nashville on a new road to New Minden, and replacing IL-153 Nashville to New Minden.
  • By 1939 it extended to Pinkneyville.
  • In 1944 it was extended west of Raymond to US-66 by adding a second number on IL-48 for a couple of miles.
  • It was also extended south to Cairo on new road south of Murphysboro. Pinkneyville to Murphysboro was a second number on IL-13.

IL-127 currently runs from I-55 near Raymond to Hodges Park near Cairo in Montgomery, Bond, Clinton, Washington, Perry, Jackson, Union and Alexander Counties.

SBI Route 127A was that section of the current IL-143 east of Highland to IL-127. In 1937 this was changed to IL-143.

SBI Route 128 was from US-40 (Then SBI-11) to IL-16 west of Shelbyville. In 1937 IL-128 was extended north to Dalton City, replacing the former IL-169. During the late 1950's and early 1960's, as I-70 was being built, IL-128 was extended east thru Altamont along US-40 and then applied to a small connecting spur to I-70 south of town.

It runs in Moultrie, Shelby, Effingham and Fayette counties.It runs along the border between Effingham and Fayette Counties much of the way north of US-40.


SBI Route 128A was a short spur from US-40 to Smithboro in Bond County. The number was pulled in 1938.

SBI Route 129 was Effingham to Windsor.

  • In 1936 it was replaced by IL-32.
  • In 1960 IL-129 was placed on a road that had been US-66 from west of Wilmington to Gardner.
  • In 1995 IL-129 was removed from south of Braidwood due to the closure of the old bridge over the Alton Railroad Pequot branch to Coal City (Now the Union Pacific Railroad). This magnificent steel bridge had fallen into disrepair, so it was closed for safety reasons. The bridge was demolished in 2001. It had been offered to preservation groups but it was deemed to expensive to relocate. This bridge was unusual in that it had a "Blast Plate under the deck to prevent locomotive smoke from coating the underdeck. In later days protective shields were installed to keep chunks of the bridge from falling onto the railroad tracks as the bridge deteriorated.

For a short period of time in 1995 and 1996 it ran on IL-53 (another former route of US-66, as well as Alternate-US-66) south of Braidwood, but was later just dropped south of Braidwood.

SBI Route 130 was Charleston to Albion.

  • In 1936 IL-1 was moved to a new highway from Mount Carmel to Grayville, and IL-130 was extended south to Grayville on a portion of the old IL-1.
  • In 1964 IL-130 was extended to Urbana on roads that had been previously unnumbered.
  • In the 1980's it was changed from Mira Station into Urbana. It had turned west to Philo Road here, but now runs straight north to US-150.
  • Again in the 1980's it was extended west on US-150 for a mile or so, then back east for half a mile to meet I-74. This route had been US-150 and even IL-10 at one time.

IL-130 runs in Champaign, Douglas, Coles, Cumberland, Jasper, Richland, and Edwards Counties.

SBI Route 130A was a spur from IL-130 south of Newton to Sainte Marie, about 3 miles in Jasper County. It was removed in 1942.
SBI Route 131 was Mattoon to Greenup. In 1937 this was changed to IL-121 as an extension of that route. In 1938 IL-131 was used on the former IL-68 (Green Bay Road) from Lake Bluff (at IL-176) to the Wisconsin state line (at WI-31). If IL-31 had not already been in use elsewhere this road may have received that number. This is entirely in Lake County.
SBI Route 132 was Decatur to Mattoon. In 1937 this was changed to IL-121 as an extension of that route. In 1950 IL-132 was applied to Grand Avenue from Waukegan to Fox Lake. In 1974 IL-132 was dropped east of IL-131 (Green Bay Road) and west of IL-59 as part of the Great Purge. IL-132 is entirely in Lake County.
SBI Route 133 was Lovington to Paris. East of Redmon was not complete until 1942. In 1953 IL-133 was extended into Decatur as a second number on IL-32. In 1972 (as part of the Great Purge) IL-133 was dropped from west of Lovington thus returning to its original length. IL-133 runs in Moultrie, Douglas, Coles and Edgar Counties.
SBI Route 134 was Paris to the IN state line, now part of US-150. In 1950 IL-134 was applied to a road from Fox Lake to Hainesville that had had no number. The current IL-134 is entirely in Lake County.
SBI Route 135 was a short route from IL-1 to the Wabash River bridge at Hutsonville that connected to IN-154. This number was pulled in 1935. In 1937 it was used on a "L" shaped route from Alexis west to IL-94, then south on IL-94 to IL-164 (IL-94 splits west near Little York), entirely in Warren County. This replaced IL-94B
SBI Route 136 was a short spur off IL-1 to Flat Rock in Crawford County. IL-136 replaced Alternate US-30 in 1967 from a Mississippi River bridge at Fulton IL to US-30. This route had been US-30 before 1957. This number was used since the road on the other side of the bridge was IA-136. IL-136 is about 3 miles long, and entirely in Whiteside County.
US-136 runs from Danville to Keokuk IA in IL. It was applied in 1951 on roads that had been IL-119 among others. The portion from Carthage to Macomb is being upgraded as part of the Western IL Corridor from Quincy to Galesburg and may eventually have IL-336 added to it.
What had once been IL-119, a spur to Armitage, was posted with 2 "Spur 136A" signs around 2005. This runs from US-136 north to Armitage, a mile or so north.



LMCT marker courtesy Christopher Bessert, used by permission

SBI Route 137 was a short spur from IL-1 to St. Francisville in Lawrence County.

  • In 1953 IL-137 was used on a road from North Chicago to Libertyville (at Milwaukee Ave, IL-21).
  • In 1974 IL-21 was moved from north of Libertyville to Grayslake to replace IL-63 to Gurnee.
  • IL-137 was then extended west to the junction with IL-83 at Grayslake.
  • In 1994 IL-137 was extended north to the WI state line mostly over a route that had been IL-42 (Sheridan Road) before 1972 and unnumbered since. This was done to put a number on the Amstutz Hwy. in Waukegan.
  • The northernmost couple of miles of IL-137 had been IL-173 from 1972 until 1994.

IL-137 now runs Grayslake to Winthrop Harbor, entirely in Lake County. This is a weird "J" shaped route.

Parts of IL-137 are part of the Lake Michigan Circle Tour, a collection of roads that circles Lake Michigan.

SBI Route 138 was from Mt. Carmel to Grayville. This was changed to IL-1 in 1937. In 1942 IL-138 replaced (in part) IL-38 from IL-159 to US-66 at Mt. Olive. IL-138 now runs Mt. Olive to IL-159 in Macoupin County.
SBI Route 139 was a spur from Crossville (White County) to a Wabash River bridge to New Harmony IN that became IL-14 in 1937. In 1947 it was changed to US-460, and then back to IL-14 in 1974. IL-139 has not been used since 1937.

SBI Route 140 was Fairfield to Cave in Rock.

  • In the 1920's this was changed to US-45 north of Norris City, and IL-1 south of Norris City.
  • In 1935 IL-140 was used from Alton to Greenville. It connected with MO-140 at the Clark Bridge for some years until MO-140 was deleted in the 1960's.
  • In 1967 IL-140 was extended east to Vandalia in place of Alternate US-40. This route had been part of US-40 until 1945, IL-11 from 1945 to 1949, and Alternate US-40 1949 to 1967.
  • In 2009 IL-140 was removed from the section Mulberry Grove east to Vandalia, this section is now un-numbered.

IL-140 now runs Alton to Mulberry Grove thru Madison, Bond, and Fayette counties.

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