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This list is for the discussion of State, US, and Interstate Highways in the US, their history, route numbering, and signage. This list will also discuss similar threads for Canadian roads as well. Geography and urban archeology are OK too. You must subscribe to the list to send e-mail to it.

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In February 2001 a bunch of roadgeeks got together in Joliet IL for the first annual Midwest Roadgeek Meeting. Here is a motley bunch:

From Left to right: Joe Koehler (Winnipeg MB), Rexie & Rich Carlson (IL), Mark O'Neil, (IL), Brandon Gorte (IL), Michael Koerner (WI) and I don't recall the names of the couple on the right.

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MTR was once THE place for road geeks. This Usenet Newsgroup was very active, with upwards of 200 messages a day. Recently however it has degraded to the point of near irrevalence. Most threads are also discussed on various Yahoo Lists, such as Roadgeek, USHighways and others. While ocasional informative posts and threads still exist, they are rotinely outnumbered by rants, raves, spam and other nonsense. Usenet as a whole has pretty much become a non-factor.

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