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Everything about US-66 in Illinois


Business US Routes in Illinois


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All about the Tollways in Illinois



Illinois Department of Transportation's Web Site. (The Offical State Highways Site!)


The Illinois State Toll Highway Authority Web Site

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The Chicago Area Radio Monitoring Association is the Largest Scanner Club in the USA. See why here!

Useless but interesting trivia about the Illinois Highway System.

I am not the only one who does this stuff!

Before the had numbers roads were Trails and they were posted with special signs.

All abut Counties in Illinois and the rest of the country.

Who I am. What I do. Why I do it.


A comprehensive look at the history and evolution of the Illinois Numbered Highway System


IL-390 Introduced October 29, 2013


New (August 2010): Chicago-Kansas City Expressway Designation!


Read about the "CKC IL-110" markers on the I-88 EW Tollway!


Ever wonder why the road in your town is numbered what it is?

Whatever happened to Route 66 (or 42 or 116A...)

Why is I-94 posted as East-West When it runs North-South?

What's the difference between a US Route, an Interstate and a State Route?

How come the road out there has 2 different numbers on it?

If you ever asked questions like these, read on and get the answers.

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